Utility Solutions

Working for a utility or locate company? The TelDig Utility suite of programs is a must-have product to manage locate requests and prevent damage to underground infrastructures.

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OneCall Solutions

Working for a Call or Click Before You Dig call center? TelDig OneCall is a state-of-the-art suite of programs developed for damage prevention call centers.

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Custom Solutions

Need a good asset management or prevention software solution? No matter who you are, utility company, contractor or locator, you can count on our team of experts to provide you with tailored software solutions that will meet your needs and expectations.

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About Us

TelDig Inc. (formerly TelDig Systems Inc.) is a premier provider of damage prevention software solutions since 1994. Our software company develops, commercializes and maintains several suites of bilingual programs meant for the prevention of damage caused to underground infrastructures and incidents.

Among other things, TelDig software solutions provide users with the ability to easily manage or plan aspects related to locate requests and excavation work including communication between all parties involved, maintenance work in the field, repairs (in case of damage), investigations, excavators, claims and billing.

The TelDig support team offers technical support services available 24/7.
Need help? Reach our support team any time at 1-800-501-5554, extension 225.

Please note that TelDig inc. is becoming PelicanCorp. Visit PelicanCorp on LinkedIn, on Twitter @PelicanCorp, or visit us at www.pelicancorp.com for more information.

Our Customers